Disable the Windows 8 Metro interface!


Metro Killer is a free tool to disable the Metro user interface of Windows 8 including the new Windows 8 start menu and Charms Bar. Once downloaded you can leave it as a icon on the desktop and when Metro interface stress you out you click i ! True Launch Bar on the right vanishes and we have access to desktop applications and get the “Turn Off Computer”. Metro Killer needs no installation. Just run it and enjoy vă. To return things back, you must restart your computer or restart Windows Explorer (explorer.exe).

Shortcuts Keys in Windows 8!

shortcuts win 8
Win : switch between home screen and Windows 8
Win + C : displays Charms : Settings, Devices , Search options
Win + D: launches the desktop
Win + E: launches Explorer
Win + F : Opens the Search pane file
Win + H : Open panel Share
Win + I: Open Settings
Win + K : Opens the Devices panel
Win + L: locks your PC
Win + M : minimize current Explorer or Internet Explorer window ( full- screen function in IE )
Win + A : orientation lock switch off the power
Win + P : switch the display to a second display or projector
Win + Q : Opens the Search pane App
Win + R : Open the Run box
Win + U : Open Ease of Access Center
Win + V: Cycle through toasts ( notifications)
Win + W: search your system settings ( type POWER for links choices about food ) Win + X: displays a text menu of useful tools for Windows and Applets
Win + Z : displays the right-click context menu when a full screen application
Win + +: launch Magnifier zoom in
Win + – : zoom out
Win + : Aero Peek the desktop
Win + Enter: launch Narrator
Win + PgUp : Move the current screen to the left monitor
Win + PgDn : Move the current screen to the right monitor
Win + PrtSc : capture the current screen and save it in the folder Photos
Win + Tab: Switch between running applications

Start BAR in Windows 8.1!

win8 app desktop

Windows 8 has no start bar. And it was very uncomfortable, and they installed a new gadget, Start bar.
Now when you open the Start bar in the new Windows 8.1 it will not open, like Windows 7, left bar, it opens another window where you can customize Start, enter what you want ,Apps from my computer, control panel, shutdown, resets steps-> Under Desktop window open and choose the apps you want to appear in the window Start-> right click on Application-> Pin to Start-> Start then if you want to shape small-> Resize and will fits on one page! If you want go give back- Esc or click Desktop or Windows button on the keyboard. Once you get used to it you will see the advantages of this new operating system Windows 8.
Good luck!

How do I remove the system error?

windows no disk

Error : “No Disk Exception Processing Message c0000013 Parameters 75b6bf7c 4 75b6bf7c 75b6bf7c ” Usually there are a few reasons:
1 – PC is virus and will not let you put Antivirus – Format system partition and reinstall Windows, and then install an Antivirus and Malwarebytes : Anti- Malware Free
2 – error occurs if you have problems with hardisk Repartition Save your data and then reformat the hard disk drive partitions newly created and
Reinstall Windows
3 – If you receive the error: “No Disk Exception Processing Message c0000013 Parameters 75b6bf7c 75b6bf7c 75b6bf7c4 ”
At startup means that some registry entries are corupte.Windows Error . To let you work and get rid of this annoying window , you can fix the problem , follow these steps : Click Start, and then click the Run . In Run , type regedit and press Enter. Get in – HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Control Windows .
On the right side of the screen , double click on ErrorMode .
In the Value data put 2 and click OK .
Restart the computer. Success !

Dell Latitude E6410 (Compal LA-5471P) Laptop Schematics

Dell Latitude E6410 (Compal LA-5471P) Laptop Schematics

Dell Latitude E6410 (Compal LA-5471P) Laptop Schematics
The schematic diagram for Dell Latitude E6410 (Integated VGA) notebook/laptop, NCL00 Mainboard, Compal LA-5471P.
CPU: Arrandale 4MB (Socket G1)
OEM: Compal Electronics, Inc.
PCB NO : LA-5471P ( DA80000G710)
Document Number: LA-5471P
Rev: 1.0
Format: PDF
Total Pages: 57
File size: 1.82MB