Shortcuts Keys in Windows 8!

shortcuts win 8
Win : switch between home screen and Windows 8
Win + C : displays Charms : Settings, Devices , Search options
Win + D: launches the desktop
Win + E: launches Explorer
Win + F : Opens the Search pane file
Win + H : Open panel Share
Win + I: Open Settings
Win + K : Opens the Devices panel
Win + L: locks your PC
Win + M : minimize current Explorer or Internet Explorer window ( full- screen function in IE )
Win + A : orientation lock switch off the power
Win + P : switch the display to a second display or projector
Win + Q : Opens the Search pane App
Win + R : Open the Run box
Win + U : Open Ease of Access Center
Win + V: Cycle through toasts ( notifications)
Win + W: search your system settings ( type POWER for links choices about food ) Win + X: displays a text menu of useful tools for Windows and Applets
Win + Z : displays the right-click context menu when a full screen application
Win + +: launch Magnifier zoom in
Win + – : zoom out
Win + : Aero Peek the desktop
Win + Enter: launch Narrator
Win + PgUp : Move the current screen to the left monitor
Win + PgDn : Move the current screen to the right monitor
Win + PrtSc : capture the current screen and save it in the folder Photos
Win + Tab: Switch between running applications

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