How to FIX HP Cooling fan error 902

HP fan error 902

Every Hp that shows the fan error will block the notebook from booting because its hardware problem.
If you don’t know how to take it apart search for a video on YouTube and find the model that you have.
Use it as a guide to take it apart because you need to reach the fan system.
If your uncomfortable to take it apart , go to a computer shop and tell them what to do for your.

Let’s start! How to fix this Error 902
A friend ask me to take a look at the notebook , he said that he can’t boot because of that error. When I saw it I said that we might need to replace it.
So I took the notebook apart and before I went to order the fan ,I ask my friend Can I take that fan apart and see what happen ,why did it fail.

When I started taking it apart I saw a wire moving.
AaAhh the irony. I told him wait a few minutes with the order and let me see if resolder the wire what happens.

After I resolder and installed back the system cooling the notebook started normally without that error.
This error is related to ALL the HP notebooks, even if you can’t repair the fan you can replace it and the error will go away.
If you can’t, you can replace only the coil but it needs to be with 3 wires: red,yellow,black.
When you replace the coil you need to put the original ventilator so it can fix in the axe.

I did test the notebook with another fan to see if the error goes away.
Yes it did go away, but I needed a proper fan so i can fit in the notebook spot.

If you encounter any problems please post a comment or PM , I will be glad to help.

Take care and good luck with your problem.